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Cordova, Alaska is located within half an hour from a few restaurants, including pizza, burgers, and tacos. If you don't want to eat out stay in and fry up a freshly caught fish.

Powder House

Powder House is open for both lunch and dinner, its a great place to enjoy some comfort foods. Eat some burgers and fries as well as tacos and waffles

Baja Taco

Baja Taco serves breakfast, land lunch. Enjoy tacos, burritos, quesadilla, shakes and more. Established in 1989 Baja tacos has been serving food for over 20 years.

Harborside Pizza

Harborside Pizza is open six days a week for dinner and closed on Monday. Enjoy some yummy pizza and relax, if you are a pizza person you will love Harborside Pizza.

OK Restaurant

Eat some yummy foods at OK Restaurants, which is a family owned. Restaurant. It has some great Asian food with a warm and welcoming service.

Shay’s Shack O’Beans

Enjoy both espresso and food at Shay’s Shack O’Beans. It is the perfect place to get your caffeine fix at this cute little local drive-through shop.

The Jump

Get warmed up with some hot drinks and food at this cute little coffee shop. The Jump is a local favorite and seres anything from americanos to milkshakes.
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