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The long, winding Eyak River in Cordova, Alaska is full of adventure just waiting to happen! Some of the river's most popular activities are boating, river rafting and the large variety of fish that make it ideal for fly fishing. If you don't want to get wet, there are plenty of activities to enjoy on the river's banks as well. The Eyak River Trail that runs along the river's west bank is a great place to explore the scenery, and the area has plenty of opportunities for bicycling, hiking, glacier viewing, picnicking, and other wonderful relaxing and exciting activities for the whole family. In the winter there's skiing, snowboarding, and extreme skiing.
Learn more about the area and closures on the Cordova chamber of commerce website.

Orca Bay Charters

If you are a rugged hunter at heart, then Bears Den Lodge is for you! We have it all nearby, from big game hunt of moose, blacktail deer, black and brown bear to the smaller game such as duck hunting and other waterfowl.

Child's Glacier

This glacier is famous for its calfing, which can happen frequently in the summer, sometimes creating waves in the river so large that it will send salmon into the forest on the opposite shore.

Chugach National Forest

The Chugach National Forest is an enormous national forest that has fishing, boating, hiking, hunting, wildlife viewing and more to enjoy. Take in the beautiful scenic view.

Million Dollar Bridge

The Million Dollar Bridge was originally built in the early 1900s; the bridge now goes nowhere, the highway behind it having eroded after the Coppermine it led to having it closed.

Mt. Eyak Ski Area

One of only two remaining single chairlifts in North America is in use here, and it offers 30 different trails. Enjoy the skiing at Mt. Eyak Ski Area.

Points North Heli-Adventures Inc

At the Points North Heli-Adventures Inc guests can Ski or snowboard the backcountry without the hiking--take a helicopter to the top of the mountain.

Shorebird Festival

Millions of bird migrate during the spring and stop along the Copper River Delta; the Shorebird Festival is held in May every year to coincide with this migration
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